Dental Crowns & Bridges in Grand Rapids, MI

Patients with a damaged tooth may consider a crown or a bridge to solve their dental problems. Whereas a patient with multiple missing teeth in a row might be a good candidate for a dental bridge.

We want all our patients to be able to smile with confidence and to be able to live their lives to the fullest, and a functional set of teeth is critical to that. 

Crowns and bridges can return the functionality to that part of the mouth because patients can resume using the crowned tooth or bridge for everyday tasks like eating and drinking. They help rebuild your smile by filling in the missing gaps.

An illustration of dental crowns | dentist grand rapids miWhat Are Dental Crowns in Grand Rapids, MI?

A dental crown is a protective piece of material that mimics the natural appearance of the tooth, allowing dentists to cap off a damaged tooth and protect it from further damage and infection while allowing the patient to continue to use the crown like they would like a natural tooth. 

Crowns are typically used when a filling is no longer enough to support and save the tooth because the damage is too significant. A crown might also be used to protect a root canal tooth and improve longevity.

After Dr. Robson removes any damage to the tooth, such as a cavity, he will clean and prepare the tooth for the crown. Then the crown will be placed over the remaining tooth to absorb shock and protect the softer inner layers of the tooth from trauma and exposure to bacteria.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a row of artificial teeth meant to perform a similar function as a crown. While a crown will help protect a damaged tooth, bridges can replace missing teeth. A bridge can replace one or two missing teeth. Using nearby teeth, Dr. Robson can place the bridge in the patient's mouth as a permanent fixture. A bridge is an economical way to close gaps in the mouth where teeth are missing. 

Other options like dental implants are available as an alternative to a bridge, but the procedure is more invasive with a longer recovery time and tends to be more costly. However, more teeth can be replaced with a single dental restoration, and dental implants help maintain healthy bone structure.An illustration of dental crowns in Grand Rapids.

Determining the right course of action for your dental care will require you to book an appointment with Dr. Robson for an examination. Together, you can discuss your dental goals and create a treatment plan for your oral health. 

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