Dental Implants in Grand Rapids MI

An illustration of dental implants in Grand Rapids, MI..It is normal to want a beautiful smile, and sometimes patients can feel like the missing teeth in their smile are holding them back.

Whether you're holding back your smile at social events or failing to make the right first impression at work, missing teeth can limit your potential. Many patients with missing teeth fear that the days of being confident in their smile are long gone.

At Robson Family Dental, we disagree. Dental implants can fill out your smile and bring back a part of your life you might have thought lost forever. The average patient will be a good candidate for dental implants as long as underlying issues are treated before the implant takes place. If you want to fill a gap or a few in your smile, dental implants may be a good solution for you. 

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant works a lot like a natural tooth. A titanium post that acts like the tooth's root and is topped with a crown that mimics the appearance and function of one or more of the patient's natural teeth. 

Dr. Robson will implant a titanium rod into the jawbone where the missing tooth would be. Once the rod has healed in place, it fuses to the bone permanently and functions like a firm root from which the dentist can support a crown, or it can be one of several implants to hold a row of teeth or a denture.

Not only can a dental implant support your smile it can also protect it and promote oral health. Dental implants help keep the jawbone dense and keep the other teeth in the mouth from drifting. This helps prevent misalignments and harmful bite patterns, keeping the remaining teeth healthy and functional. 

An illustration of dental implants in Grand Rapids, MI..The dental implant functions just like a normal tooth with the appearance of any other tooth in the patient's mouth, making them nearly impossible to tell apart. The implant can be used just like any regular tooth for drinking and eating, returning quality of life to the patient.

Patients need to continue a proactive oral hygiene routine, including brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once. Patients can use and treat their implants like regular teeth in most circumstances but shouldn't use whiteners on artificial teeth because they won't work and could damage the material. 

To learn whether or not dental implants are the best solution for your dental goals, contact your local East Grand Rapids family dentist to schedule a time to come into the dental office for a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Robson can conduct an examination and discuss your options with you.

Dental Implant Specialist in East Grand Rapids

If you are looking for a local East Grand Rapids, MI dentist who can help answer your questions and provide solutions to your dental issues, look no farther than Robson Family Dental. We are happy to help anyone in your family achieve their ideal smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation meeting to see what our dental team can do for you.