Root Canal Treatment in Grand Rapids MI

It starts with a throbbing pressure centered inside of a tooth. Maybe the feeling runs down your jaw, causing you immense pain. This could be the sign of an infected tooth root. We often recommend a root canal procedure to stop the pain and save the tooth. 

A lady getting a root canal at Grand Rapids, MI How Do Roots Become Infected?

The roots of teeth become infected when the protective layer of enamel is compromised or damaged. This allows bacteria to work their way into the tooth's center in the root, where it takes hold.

Issues that can result in infected roots include:

  • Cracked teeth can let bacteria in through the enamel layer
  • Trauma from an accident or eating
  • Wear and use over time can wear down the enamel, especially from teeth grinding
  • Cavities provide a perfect route deep into the tooth where cleaning cannot reach the bacteria
  • As we age, our enamel naturally thins, making our teeth more susceptible to cavities and root infections

Taking the best care you can of your teeth will go a long way to helping to prevent root infections. Follow your dentist's recommendations for oral hygiene, including brushing twice and flossing at least once a day.

Still, these sorts of infections are relatively common. Once a root is infected, the only solution is to perform a root canal, or the patient will eventually lose the tooth, and the infection can spread into the bone and bloodstream. We want to prevent the infection from spreading and causing additional issues; we recommend getting a root canal as soon as possible. 

The dentist may recommend extraction in some rare cases instead of a root canal. We want to keep a patient's natural teeth in their mouth for as long as possible, but sometimes an extraction is necessary if the dentist believes that the root canal won't take due to the extent of the infection. 

An illustration of a root canal Grand Rapids, MI Root Canal Treatment to Save Teeth

The dentist in Grand Rapids, MI will perform a root canal to save the tooth and stop the pain caused by the infection.

When an infection strikes, the pain can be crippling, leaving many patients to seek treatment as fast as possible. Root canal therapy will help relieve pain and save the tooth.

Dr. Robson will access the tooth and remove the infected root, clean the affected area and seal the tooth, so that the infection does not return. For most patients, pain relief is immediate. There will likely be some post-operational soreness that may last upwards of two weeks, but most patients report substantial pain relief after the dentist has completed the root canal procedure. After that, the patient will generally return for a filling or crown to protect the tooth once healing is complete. 

Expert Root Canal Therapy in East Grand Rapids

When you need assistance with something as critical as root canal treatment, count on East Grand Rapid's best family dentist, Dr. Robson. We proudly serve our neighbors in Ada, Kentwood, Forest Hill, and Cascade. Dr. Robson of Robson Family Dental accepts patients of all ages, and we accommodate emergency root canal treatment as soon as possible.