Teeth Whitening in Grand Rapids

It is common for patients to be dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Many people dream of having a perfect white smile that they never feel self-conscious about. In their attempts to achieve the perfect smile, they try all kinds of different store-bought whitening kits that prove mixed results at best.

Some patients even get frustrated with the lack of results and give up on getting their teeth as white as they want. Instead of fumbling with trays that don't fit the shape of your mouth, strips that won't stay on your teeth, and products that whiten your teeth unevenly, visit your local East Grand Rapids, MI dentist, Dr. Robson, and get the results you want.

Professional Teeth Whitening Works BetterA patient waiting for Professional Teeth Whitening in Grand Rapids, MI

Instead of using lower-quality store-bought treatments, arrange a time to come into our dental office for a professional whitening treatment. Once you've experienced in-office whitening treatments it will be the only way you want to have your teeth whitened.

Because professionals administer the treatment, we can use higher concentrations of whitening agents like hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. Our treatment will accelerate the whitening process, producing better and faster whitening results than store-bought kits.

Our in-office treatment can take away years of discoloration and stains in a single visit, producing fast results store-bought kits cannot recreate. Depending on the state of the patient's smile and their goals, getting the desired whiteness may require more than one treatment.

Because we perform the whitening, we can ensure that the surfaces of the patient's teeth are covered evenly and the gums are protected from the whitening agents, reducing the risk of sensitivity.

Depending on the patient's goals for whitening their teeth in one or several treatments, they can have a bright white smile that will stay stain-free longer than the store-bought kits. Coming back to our dental office for whitening treatment as necessary will ensure that your smile stays white year-round.

The in-office whitening treatment takes around 90 minutes to complete depending on how much lightening the treatment has to do. For patients on the go, we also offer another alternative option.

A happy patient after getting his teeth whitened in Grand RapidsProfessional At-Home Whitening

We also over professional whitening kits for our patients to take home if you prefer. Take-home kits use better whitening agents than store-bought kits but take a bit longer than our in-office treatment. The good news is that they are more affordable, and you can whiten your teeth on your own time in the comfort of your own home. From start to finish, take-home whitening takes about two weeks, and you can do a touch-up treatment whenever your smile needs a lift.

East Grand Rapids Teeth Whitening Treatments

Achieving the smile desire may be easier than you think.

Robson Family Dentistry wants to help you create a smile you can be proud of. Let us help you achieve a brighter, healthier smile. Come into our dental office for a consultation and see how much a professional whitening treatment can lighten your smile.