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What are the two main types of dental implants today?

For one of the newest and most advanced tooth replacement options today, dental implants would likely top the list. This option stands in for your natural tooth from top to bottom. The base is an artificial tooth root made from titanium, which is biocompatible. After your dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, surgically places it in your jaw. The implant screw fuses to the surrounding bone.

dental implants in grand rapidsDental Implants Can Replace a Tooth or Multiple Teeth

Another benefit of a dental implant is that it can support numerous restoration options. For a single tooth replacement, your dentist can supply a porcelain crown. But if you need to replace multiple missing teeth, we can provide an implant-retained bridge or denture.

A dental implant can support two different restorations because while your artificial root is largely standardized, its design includes a connector between the implant screw and the final appliance. So after your healing process is complete, your implant dentist will fit the correct connector, called an abutment, for the final restoration.

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This factor also makes dental implants in Grand Rapids, MI, cost-effective over the long run. Even if the dental crown or bridge becomes worn or damaged, the underlying foundation will remain strong by virtue of its implantation. This is because the natural act of chewing promotes bone regeneration in your jaw, and any restoration that uses a dental implant mimics that pressure.

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