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How can I prevent cavities?

Sometimes cavities result from poor luck; some patients might naturally have teeth that are more prone to cavities for one reason or another.

woman smiling after having a tooth fillingMore often than that, cavities result from poor oral hygiene and poor dietary choices. Patients can help prevent cavities in their mouth by taking proper care of their oral health and visiting their dentist regularly.

Here are some tips for preventing cavities:

  • Brush twice a day 
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Limit intake of sugary and acidic foods 
  • Twice-a-year visits to your dentist for checkups and cleanings

What If I Already Have Cavity?

If you have a cavity, you'll want to see Dr. Robson for a tooth-colored filling to help protect the rest of the tooth and stop the cavity from doing more damage to the tooth.

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