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How much is a tooth extraction in Grand Rapids?

It's difficult to answer a question about the cost of tooth extraction in Grand Rapids without knowing the patient's specific needs. The best way to determine precisely how much your procedure will cost is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Robson so he can create a personalized treatment plan for you.

For example, someone who needs more than one tooth removed will have a higher cost than someone having a single tooth removed. Price also depends on which teeth need we need to extract. For example, molars in the back of your mouth have three roots and are more complicated to extract than a smaller tooth with one root.

During your evaluation, Dr. Robson will take x-rays of your teeth and create a treatment plan that lets you know how many teeth you need removed, the cost, and your recovery process. If you need teeth extracted that are not wisdom teeth, he will also discuss options for tooth replacement with you.

Without tooth replacement, teeth will gradually shift and move out of alignment, which can cause painful problems with your jaw joint. 

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